Here is the scenario… You get a good nights sleep and wake up early to put the finishing touches on your PowerPoint presentation that you will be showing to your team first thing this morning. You pop in a Keurig pod and while it is warming up, you sit down to turn on your laptop or desktop. Then the nightmare begins. Maybe the computer simply won’t turn on, or it does power up, but Windows gives an error when starting, or you get in, open PowerPoint to edit your presentation only to find the dreaded message about “all your data has been encrypted” and a page of instructions on how much in Bitcoin it will cost you to get back.

It is inevitable, hardware will fail, and usually at the most inopportune time. Or maybe the latest updates from Microsoft have left you operating system unable to start. Even brand new machines can get viruses, malware or worse, ransomeware.  In any case, there goes your morning, your wake up coffee and your good nights sleep.

Want to prevent this from happening to you, or more accurately, be able to continue your work without fixing your PC. Here’s how. You borrow your spouse’s, kid’s or roommate’s machine, get onto the web with your favorite browser, and go to your personal Cloud Continuity portal. Then you log in to your account, press a button next to your PC’s name labeled “Create a Virtual Machine”. Within a few minutes, the power icon turns green, and you click it to start your computer online. Of course it is not your actual machine, but an exact copy of it running in what is called a Virtual Machine (VM) in the Cloud. Through your browser, you will watch as your PC boots up, Windows starts and your login prompt appears. You can sigh with relief as you log in. Once logged in, you see your familiar desktop and there is the PowerPoint file, right where you left it. You open it and there is you presentation, ready for action.

OK, you probably see that there are many scenarios where this type of insurance can be handy, or even a job-saver. In any case, for less that the monthly cost of your Keurig pods, you can have the peace of mind knowing that even if your computer is lost, stolen, left on the roof of your car as you drive to work, or that email from your Facebook friend turns out to be the “Pick Slip Virus.” You have a plan ready to go.

As an IT professional, I provide this service to my clients now, and I can set you and your office mates up with this Cloud Continuity service. Yes, this is a highly valuable solution for the entire office, even if they already have file backup and Virus, Malware and Ransomware protection. (They do have this, right???)

Please feel free to drop me a line, text or email me if you would like to learn more. Initial consultations are always free, and I am have been local since 1997 and available to help with this or any other computer or IT questions or issues you or your business may have.

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